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n.1.(Mus.) A popular name for any society or club which meets for the practice of male part songs.
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Apart from the Musikverein, whose orchestra and choir consisted of professional musicians as well as capable amateurs, institutions such as the Akademischer Gesangsverein (Academic Choral Society), the Innsbrucker Liedertafel (Innsbruck Song Society), the Eisenbahnsangerklub (Railway Choral Club), and the Zitherklub repeatedly offered pieces from Tannhauser in their concerts, including the "Romerzahlung" ("Rome Narrative"), the "Lied an den Abendstern" ("The Evening Star"), the "Pilgerchor" ("Pilgrims' Chorus"), and the overture.
He was president of Portland's Liedertafel Harmonie choir for six years and treasurer for 22 years.
In 2005, they visited Hamburg, in Germany, to perform with Liedertafel Harmonie and later, in October 2006, joined Die Meigener Choir in Solingen for the group's 50th anniversary celebrations.