Lift wall

(Canal Lock) the cross wall at the head of the lock.

See also: Lift

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Tenders are invited for dck - 2015 usr for providing stair to lift room and cladding to lift wall in academic block a at dental college kottayam.
The lift wall involved raising the creek's banks, reinforcing them with fill, netting and sandbags, and seeding the area with ferns and other vegetation to stabilize the creek and prevent erosion.
Summary: New York: With Friday's US payrolls report serving as a springboard to lift Wall .
Dollar Solid US corporate earnings and the strongest seasonal inflows to US stock mutual funds in a decade also helped lift Wall Street, with the benchmark S&P 500 index closing above the 1,500 mark for a the first time in more than five years ago.
A marker pen was used to scrawl the word "Raskel" on the lift wall with an arrow underneath.
In the post war years chief designer Ronnie Matthews - who now lives in Bradley - used the lift wall to mount his drawings of full-sized bodies.
The news managed to lift Wall Street out of the red after a bad start to the day.
corporate and financial sectors, which helped lift Wall Street on Monday.
Overnight, the Dow industrials fell more than 200 points after JP Morgan reported second-quarter profit fell 53 per cent, but managed to beat market expectations which helped lift Wall Street on Thursday.
When you enter the lift to take you to the exhibition floor, there is a psychedelic sign on the lift wall demanding, 'Take me Higher'.
The Republican victory in the mid-term US elections was expected to lift Wall Street given the party's business-friendly attitude.
The FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index fell after the interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve failed to lift Wall Street, analysts contacted by the Xinhua Financial Network said.