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n.1.(Surg.) An instrument for ligating, or for placing and fastening a ligature.
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R Azizi, a world renowned Colorectal surgeon, recently endorsed the O'Regan Ligator in a television interview.
In addition to owning the proprietary technology for the O'Regan ligator and an accompanying minimally-invasive diagnostic and operating anoscope, Medsurge has exclusive Canadian distribution rights to a European low friction urinary catheter, and other surgical-related medical supplies.
Haemoband Surgical has experience in medical markets they were the first to launch an automatic multi-action, pre-loaded disposable ligator worldwide.
In February the Medsurge Japanese distributor ordered 3 pallets representing a total of 3600 O'Regan Ligator Kits.
Ligator esophageal varices, gastric and colonic 5 10,120,200
Mr Ghareeb's profession as a lower gastrointestinal surgeon, and Mr Foster's experiences in the medical marketplace and in bringing products to a global market, led to the design, development and launch of Haemoband, the first automatic multi-action, pre-loaded, disposable ligator onto the global market.
A few months later, the Steigman-Goff endoscopic band ligator came out, and I had to eat my words.
The introduction of the newly designed multiband ligator overcame these disadvantages with 6 mounted bands which are individually activated by a drawstring attached to a trigger unit positioned in the biopsy channel port of the endoscope, allowing repeated firing of the bands and obviating the need for an overtube.