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n.1.(O. Eng. Law) The connection between sovereign and subject by which they were mutually bound, the former to protection and the securing of justice, the latter to faithful service; allegiance.
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382 (noting that ligeance is akin to the connection "between lord and tenant that holdeth by homage" and the "King is called the liege lord of his subjects").
26) While the parent's ligeance may be "momentary and uncertain," there is sufficient obedience that a child will be a natural born subject.
Ligeance subsists at birth for "as soon as he is born he oweth by birth-right ligeance and obedience to his Sovereign.
2003) ("That ligeance, or obedience of the subject to
men born and living under the ligeance of a foreign power -- from the enjoyment of the contemplated privileges.