Light ball

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(Mil.) a ball of combustible materials, used to afford light; - sometimes made so as to be fired from a cannon or mortar, or to be carried up by a rocket.

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However, in positive news for the club, a video posted on Twitter showed Merino doing some light ball work at former club Osasuna's training base.
Light ball accents were also made with locally woven products thus giving the place that warm, cozy vibe, typical in every Filipino home.
The Color Changing Light Ball is a tactile silent fidget toy, sensory ball, and light show combined in one, designed for individuals ages 5 and up.
But the boss added: "Danny Wilson has been out running and done some light ball work, so that is positive.
The most effective way to keep the water in your garden from freezing is to pop in a light ball that will be moved by even a gentle breeze - a ping-pong ball is ideal.
Unlike legacy flash-bang grenades, the Delta Light Ball from River Rock Designs uses a super-bright, high-energy light strobe to dazzle enemies in a room, and then it remains lit to constantly illuminate the target area.
A fast hard court with a light ball is Andy's best surface, because he doesn't need to generate power himself, the court gives him that pace," he said.
1 Germany They have been helped by playing with this light ball since February, but it was still impressive.
Kightly, weather permitting, is doing some running and light ball work on the Compton training pitches as both he and Dave Edwards work in tandem towards a late January/early February return.
Start with a light ball, around 3 pounds, and build up to an 8- to 10-pound ball.
The light ball is attached to the end of a pen which twists to extend and retract.