Light dues

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(Com.) tolls levied on ships navigating certain waters, for the maintenance of lighthouses.

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Prior information notice without call for competition: Administration, Supervision, And monitoring of the collection of light dues
Light dues collection is a statutory general lighthouse authority (gla) tax collecting function which is coordinated by trinity house.
Under the scheme, ocean-going vessels calling at Hong Kong will get a 50% discount on port facilities and light dues of HK$43 ($5.
THE British maritime industry is engaged in a big running battle over the vexed matter of light dues.
Light dues are paid by practically all ships entering UK ports to cover the cost of lighthouses, beacons and other navigational aids in the UK and Republic of Ireland waters.
Its proposals could raise the minimum payment for one ship's voyage from pounds 12,250 to pounds 20,500 while the cap on the number of voyages on which light dues may be charged would be raised from seven to nine.
If adopted, the new light dues look likely to disproportionately affect terminals handling the deep sea container ships on which Teesport's future increasingly depends.
Online payment of light dues has been operationalized for container ships.
With 104 calls annually at Liverpool, ACL has seen its light dues - payment for lighthouses, beacons and buoys - shoot up by 51% since last July.
This means the company must absorb an increase in light dues from pounds 260,000 to pounds 391,000 for the last year.
Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) advises ship owners and managers that the rate governing the collection of UK Light Dues is set to reduce from 1 April 2015.
One industry issue is the sudden increase in light dues, to pay for UK lighthouses and buoys.