Light oil

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(Chem.) the oily product, lighter than water, forming the chief part of the first distillate of coal tar, and consisting largely of benzene and toluene.

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Light oil and NGLs, representing 24% of 2004 production, is located principally in the Company's North Sea and Offshore West Africa properties, with additional production in the Provinces of Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta, Canada.
Thus far, Kazakhstan imported tax-free oil and light oil products from Russia at a set quota and is unable to resell light oil products to third parties.
Grand Banks assets located in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba of Canada produce around 600bbls/d of light oil.
The first well in a 4 well program, the re-entry is being conducted to evaluate a Keg River Reef which has produced 249,928 BOE of light oil and gas prior to abandonment in 1989.
The document confirms that the tanks, kerosene tank farm, light oil products commodity pumping station, installation for disposal of hydrocarbon gases at the tank car loading rack, flare system, loading dock for LPG, LPG inspection racks, automatic loading of light oil products, motor-truck scale and industrial waste landfill conform to the requirements of the technical regulations (norms, rules), as well as other legal acts and project documentation.
Wayne Wadley, GEOCAN CEO commented, "We believe that Assure has assembled a core group of high quality medium to light oil and natural gas assets that provides both synergies in our current operating areas and a new core area in NE B.
The company plans to invest $348 million in oilsands and only $106 million on traditional light oil plays in a capital plan that Athabasca would rewrite as soon as it receives partner payments from two pending deals.
Independent petrophysical and organic petrology analyses of data from a previous Chaloupe well (drilled in 1999) have indicated that the Chaloupe structure contains light oil in the TBR formation.
In November, last year, Broen joined Athabasca as senior vice president Light Oil with duty for the Light Oil Division, Drilling and Completions Services and Health, Safety and Environment.
With current spreads between heavy and light oil well over $20 per barrel this project will be very profitable for both parties.
Results of drilling, wireline logs and samples of reservoir fluids show that the well has encountered 50-60 metres of net light oil pay in good quality relatively shallow Middle to Lower Jurassic reservoir rocks.
625 sections of 100% working interest lands in the emerging Viking light oil fairway in the Halkirk and Battle areas of Central Alberta.