Sooty albatross

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(Zool.) an albatross (Phœbetria fuliginosa) found chiefly in the Pacific Ocean; - called also nellie.

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This family is represented by ten species in Brazil, two belonging to the genus Phoebetria: the Light-mantled Albatross P.
The Light-mantled Albatross has a circumpolar distribution in the Southern Ocean, mostly south of the Subantarctic Convergence between 40[degrees] and 60[degrees] S (Carboneras, 1992; Brooke, 2004).
An adult Light-mantled Albatross was found in 29 April 2014 at 08:45 min, at Vilatur beach (22[degrees] 56' S; 42[degrees] 26' O), municipality of Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro.
The features of the Light-mantled Albatross are very different from the adult of the Sooty Albatross, although it can be confused with the plumage in the first year of this species (see Harrison, 1983).
One Ocean |visitors watch the light-mantled albatross at Elsehul