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Contract award notice: Maritime transport service of the harbor system authority of the western ligurian sea.
that winds up the hill to this house above the Ligurian Sea not far from
4 Name either of the largest Mediterranean islands that have coastlines on the Ligurian Sea.
com is a Portofino-based villa overlooking the Ligurian sea which once housed Robert Kennedy during a visit, liberty-style villas along the Forte dei Marmi promenade and many more.
Abstract--In this study, the growth pattern of juvenile European hake (Merluccius merluccius) was analyzed in relation to oceanographic and ecological factors in the Ligurian Sea and northern Tyrrhenian Sea, both part of the Mediterranean Sea.
Implementation of the Euro-pean Water Framework Directive: natural variability associated with the CARLIT method on the rocky shores of the Ligurian Sea (Italy)", Marine Ecology-an Evo-lutionary Perspective, Vol.
Annual microplankton cycles in Villefranche Bay Ligurian Sea NW Mediterranean.
Then, right after the end of SOP1, the R/V Urania carried out ~60 CTD ocean profiles in the Ligurian Sea and eastern Gulf of Lion.
She had failed to read the guidebook carefully enough to note that the trail between Corniglia and Vernazza was considered strenuous, though "very rewarding," and she had been enchanted by the olive and lemon groves she passed, lingered so long at the views of the Ligurian Sea that the entire walk, which should have taken no more than two hours, had lasted all morning and into the afternoon.
I studied the beauty of God's creation in everything: the cliffs, the trees, the sunset over the Ligurian Sea, the people working in the villages and walking on the paths.
Development of a numerical model to study the dispersion of wastes coming from a marine fish farm in the Ligurian Sea (Western Mediterranean).