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If this honourable court does not intervene, there is a real risk and likehood that the suit property shall be wasted and irreparably damaged and the dignity, honour and authority of this honourable court brought to dispute,' the lawyers argue.
A decision aid for accessing the likehood of fraudulent financial reporting.
Con la muestra validacion, se realizo un analisis factorial confirmatorio (AFC) y, siguiendo las indicaciones de Hu y Bentler (1999), se estimo el modelo mediante el metodo robust maximum likehood (RML), debido a que las variables son de naturaleza ordinal e incumplen los supuestos de normalidad.
De esta manera, se consideraron los siguientes indicadores: sensibilidad (S), especificidad (E), valor predictivo positivo (VPP), valor predictivo negativo (VPN), area ROC (area bajo la receiver operating characteristic curve), cociente de probabilidad positivo (CPP) o Likehood Ratio positivo (LR +) y cociente de probabilidad negativo (CPN) o Likehood Ratio negativo (LR -).
000 Dependent Variable Identified problems (equations) Autocorrelation Heteroscedasticity (2) Leverage Yes Yes (3) Short Term Yes Yes (4) Long Term Yes Yes (5) Subsidized Yes Yes (6) Banking Yes No (7) Debentures Yes No (8) Others Yes No (9) Working capital Yes Yes (10) Investments No Yes Observations: The serial correlation test for panel data used was the Wooldrige test for autocorrelation in panel data and the heteroscedasticity test used was the likehood ratio test, both considering a significance level of 10% Source: Created by the authors based on the research data Table 3: Estimations results General Lev.
1998), 'Stochastic volatility: Likehood inference and comparison with ARCH models', Review of Economic Studies, 65(3), 361-93.
The operational system's function is: the system user's provision of the information about the projectable software reliability parameters; the definition of the likehood degree of the modular integrated probabilistic model of software reliability estimation in comparison with the real software.
Molecular evolutionary genetics analysis using maximum likehood, evolutionar distance, and maximum parsimony methods.
Peng, "Nonconcave penalized likehood with a diverging number parameters," Annals of Statistics, vol.