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Noun1.Lillie - British actress (born in Canada) (1898-1989)
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Equinix, held a knowledge sharing discussion with the senior management at EITC, led by Brian Lillie, the new chief product officer, Equinix.
Company veteran Brian Lillie will assume the role of Chief Product Officer effective as of October 1st.
Sterling National Bank (NYSE:STL) has said that it has named Donna Lillie as VP and MD of Municipal Banking.
Summary: Equinix has announced that it has promoted Brian Lillie to Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and EVP of Technology Services.
CELEBRITY Big Brother winner Stephen Bear has finally publicly apologised to Lillie Lexie Gregg - though not for cheating on her on the show.
The reality show casanova has parted ways with his Lillie Gregg, with the brunette taking to Twitter to say their split was a mutual decision.
The snap of Hollie Evans cradling and kissing her four-month-old sister, Lillie, in the bath was shared by their mum, Hayley Stanley.
Lillie Christian designed a badge to encourage more school children to walk to school.
Lillie Voith is the sun around which her family revolves.
in West Derby, Lillie had surgery and was later deemed well enough to go home.
Lillie Brind, from Ireland, has been riding horses since she was three years old, and after a few falls and scratches she feels ready to compete against hundreds of others in the Spinney's Cup tomorrow at the Desert Palm Resort.