Lily beetle

(Zool.) a European beetle (Crioceris merdigera) which feeds upon the white lily.

See also: Lily

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And watch out for scarlet lily beetle - remove by hand.
WATCH out for lily beetle and pick them off before they damage your lilies.
Rita Cave, by email Carol: Your lilies are afflicted by the lily beetle, a common pest.
Almost all lilies will be attacked by the bright red lily beetle which can turn the plant into a sticky mess with little leaf cover.
Truth demands that mention be made of the lily beetle.
Pests affecting lilies include aphids, slugs, thrips, spider mites, weevils, June beetle larvae and the lily beetle.
The pesky lily beetle which has made lily growing in south-east England almost impossible has not yet reached this far north.
Blackfly are attracted to nasturtiums, caterpillars often attack canary creeper, and lilies are prone to lily beetle.
The recent appearance of the lily beetle, Lilioceris lilii (Scopoli) in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba (see article p.
o The dreaded lily beetle has arrived in the Midlands.
THERE are a few pests you need to keep an eye out for - the viburnum beetle can munch through foliage sure you check your lilies for lily beetle | OVERCROWDED spring bulbs can be lifted and divided once they start to die down.