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1. Intermediate between two states, conditions, or regions; transitional or indeterminate: "While doctors operate, she hangs suspended in the liminal space between life and death" (Jeremy Eichler).
2. Existing at the limen. Used of stimuli.

[Latin līmen, līmin-, threshold + -al.]

lim′i·nal′i·ty (-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
lim′i·nal·ly adv.
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Liminal to liminoid, in play, flow, and ritual: an essay in comparative symbology.
The Azadirachta indica produces the biodegradable and insecticidal liminoid [14].
2003) "On holiday in the liminoid playground: Place, time, and self in tourism".
Even if the concept of liminality introduced by Van Gennep was for the traditional society and Victor Turner named liminoid for our modern times, the idea remained the same.
Firstly, as scholars have recently argued, social networking actually allows for transcending the sense in which there can be only a liminoid or temporary sense of community online:
In Spicer's "anti-image" the liminoid non-mimetic poetics of Proclus dons postmodern garb.
He developed a model to understand tourism as a liminoid travel that changes the status of traveler.
The quality of the liminoid event is felt bodily; as Fischer-Lichte argues, there is no other way to feel a thing but through the body--the mind can only be separated from the body conceptually, a tradition of Western philosophical thought that both she and Mark Johnson reject (Fischer-Lichte 99; M.
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24) Turner identifies three distinct forms of communitas--spontaneous, ideological, and normative--all of which have "certain relationships with liminal and liminoid phenomena.
These metaphors, typically relating to places and journeys made by ancestors and kin, converge in the city, in particular in liminoid or heterotopic places such as pubs and bars.
He develops this idea further by adding to it the concept of liminoid society (13).