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adj. Offensive Slang
1. Effeminate.
2. Lacking strength; weak.

[From the stereotypical perception that a limp wrist indicates effeminacy or weakness.]



ineffectual; effete


adj. Slang.
1. Usually Disparaging and Offensive. (of a man or boy) exhibiting feminine characteristics; effeminate; homosexual.
2. soft; flabby; ineffectual.
usage: Definition 1 is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting.


[ˈlɪmpˈrɪstɪd] ADJinútil (pej) (= gay) → de la acera de enfrente, sarasa


adj (inf: = gay) → schwul (inf), → warm (inf)
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Does he think gay men are too limp-wristed and poofy to be miners?
Carol Taylor The best part is outside of the reactionary nutters on the extreme end of the scale it's usually limp-wristed social media users who take offence to these things on behalf of Muslims, rather than Muslims themselves.
The film dutifully thrusts its crotch towards the target demographics, intentionally showing paying women customers of every age, ethnicity and shape enjoying the raunchy dance solos, and shoehorning a superfluous scene in a gay club that enforces limp-wristed stereotypes.
After watching my rather limp-wristed action, he quipped: "Quite incredible really, you're devoid of both technique and power.
He became hugely popular with a unique style of limp-wristed, eyebrow-raising humour and his untimely death made headline news.
Aston Villa's Christian Benteke also received a decisive red card on Sunday, but manager Paul Lambert sought to defend the Belgian's limp-wristed slap at Tottenham's Ryan Mason.
Many users don't realize that soft power is not to be confused with limp-wristed and unaccountable soft actions or soft policy that accomplish nothing except to make people feel good.
Looks a bit limp-wristed for a man who used to drive a talking car and save swimmers.
I won't condemn either player, because while the FAW have been staunchly opposed to Team GB, their direct message to the likes of Bale and Ramsey has been limp-wristed, along the lines of 'well, we'd rather you didn't.
And just as there's nothing like finding a mouse dropping on a work surface to bring out the caveman in me, I reckon the danger with the new guidelines for jockeys is that it will merely take a limp-wristed finishing effort that would have left even Charles Hawtrey shaking his head to have me up in arms campaigning for the introduction of spurs and the type of whip used to keep the lions in check at Billy Smart's circus.
Why don't you seem to have the ability to ask what kind of limp-wristed bourgeois literati choose the winners of the Pushcart?