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Suggestive of Abraham Lincoln.


(ˌlɪŋ kəˈnɛsk)

like or characteristic of Abraham Lincoln.
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Adj.1.Lincolnesque - of or relating to or in the manner of Abraham Lincoln
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The ur-text of Lincolnesque projection onto Obama was Doris Kearns Goodwin's award winning 2005' bestseller Team, of Rivals, later converted into the 2012 Steven Spielberg film Lincoln.
The Pontiff took a Lincolnesque approach in most of his speech, attempting to bind up the wounds of history.
Bush saw himself as a Lincolnesque figure when he was prosecuting the war on terror--but rarely have the parallels been as apparent as they are with Obama.
Obama has the remarkable opportunity of making the same kind of Lincolnesque impact on the USA liberating the economic under classes, the minorities and the illicit immigrants in US society from the dominance of what the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters call the "1 percent.
Those two men, both incidentally members of Abe Lincoln's Republican party, have in recent weeks revealed their own ideas about rape and rapecaused pregnancies that are decidedly un- Lincolnesque.
Anne says you look very serious in the photo, with your hand up to your chin like that in Lincolnesque profile and a bit of a frown.
And as a speaker [especially at our World Congress of Families sessions], she was Lincolnesque in her wisdom, brevity, and power.
Rather, the President was invoking Lincolnesque language to clearly and soberly convey what he and his closest advisors understand about ending a war--namely, that it is a fragile and difficult process, infinitely more complicated than beginning a war.
1 -- 3) The Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is steeped in Lincolnesque displays for the "Forever Free" exhibit opening today.
policies have contributed to global resentments and conflicts, is hardly Lincolnesque.
Indeed, had these Lincolnesque folk turned away in disgust when their swift-boating peers used the same "inflammatory and offensive language" against another patriot in 2004, it's possible that a different administration might have been able to repair some of the damage done, and in so doing create a better working relationship with other nations than that which we currently enjoy.
And finally, there was Andrew, the Lincolnesque protagonist of

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