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Adj.1.Lincolnian - of or relating to or in the manner of Abraham Lincoln
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It's almost Lincolnian, in which it can be described as four score and a year ago.
Christian abolitionism and Lincolnian liberalism formed political history's most powerful confluence of rational natural principles and Christian religious principles.
This is a splendid book, and on a Lincolnian theme--the political Lincoln--that was in sagging need of a facelift.
You might say it was the spirit of Lincolnian generosity in action.
While for Hay American exceptionalism was rooted in Lincolnian ideals, the new politicians saw it as a matter of Darwinian self-creation.
He began by declaring, in decidedly Lincolnian fashion, that
He said it's time for the Republican Party to go back to its Lincolnian roots and to work on issues affecting women and "new Americans.
Matt subscribes to the Lincolnian theory of the practice of law and endeavors to protect his clients by keeping them out of court and regularly employs ADR and extrajudicial tribunals to bring matters to a quick and cost effective resolution.
They add that "[i]t is inconceivable that an administration that endorsed [Attorney General] Miller's Lincolnian interpretation of Article II would not also believe that the president had the authority to control subordinate executive officials in their execution of federal law" (p.
Caddell's vision was Lincolnian in breadth and scope.
To be sure, Bush's adaptation of Lincolnian antislavery rhetoric foreshortened American history by omitting the antislavery struggle and Civil War.
When he teaches courses on the development of Lincoln's thought and rhetorical practice, he emphasizes these Lincolnian terms, encouraging students to examine Lincoln's claims that public judgment favored the "ultimate extinction" of slavery and that Douglas's positions were dangerous, since, Lincoln argued, they prepared the public mind eventually to accept the spread of slavery throughout the country (see Zarefsky, 1999, lects.

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