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Adj.1.Lincolnian - of or relating to or in the manner of Abraham Lincoln
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While for Hay American exceptionalism was rooted in Lincolnian ideals, the new politicians saw it as a matter of Darwinian self-creation.
He said it's time for the Republican Party to go back to its Lincolnian roots and to work on issues affecting women and "new Americans.
They add that "[i]t is inconceivable that an administration that endorsed [Attorney General] Miller's Lincolnian interpretation of Article II would not also believe that the president had the authority to control subordinate executive officials in their execution of federal law" (p.
Caddell's vision was Lincolnian in breadth and scope.
To be sure, Bush's adaptation of Lincolnian antislavery rhetoric foreshortened American history by omitting the antislavery struggle and Civil War.
Obama once pulled off something similar, riffing on the Declaration of Independence in high Lincolnian style at the 2004 Dem Convention.
This Jeffersonian Americanism was subverted by the Lincolnian revolution.
Muting their traditional Lincolnian identification with black Americans, Republicans from the Nixon presidency onward made broad political gains in the South.
The last essay assumes the Lincolnian position on current debates over multiculturalism and abortion.
The rhetoric worked, the theology took hold, and as a result Americans tend to see the Civil War through a Lincolnian glass, brightly--with malice toward none and charity for all, and with equal affection for righteous Yanks and noble Rebs, both sides dying that we might all be free.
Politics as it is normally practised is consequently either strategic or irrational, except when transcended by moments of Periclean or Lincolnian genius which are more 'poetic' than 'political'.

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