Line of Control

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Noun1.Line of Control - a 450-mile line that is supposed to indicate the boundary between the part of Kashmir controlled by India and the part controlled by Pakistan
Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir, Cashmere - an area in southwestern Asia whose sovereignty is disputed between Pakistan and India
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Talking to media after visiting along with delegation of defence committee to the Nakial Sector of the Line of Control in Kotli district of Azad Kashmir and forward positions, he said, that India had become more aggressive since Prime Minister Modi took office in 2014.
He said that India could not restrain Kashmiris to achieve their fundamental right, right to self determination by using cheap tactics like indiscriminate shelling from across the Line of Control.
India has now escalated the situation along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir and the Working Boundary.
Media reports quoted official sources saying that the Jawan was killed when a group of heavily armed militants started firing at Indian troops at Gazaldari, area close to line of control at Sadhna Pass.
The 740-kilometre Line of Control separates the Pakistani side of Kashmir from the Indian-administered part of the region.
The line of control is a de facto frontier dividing Kashmir into Indian- and Pakistani- controlled parts.
Army sources said he was in civvies and was caught roaming around the Line of Control.
He added that even the Indian defense minister had accused militants, and not the Pakistani army, of being behind the killing of five Indian soldiers near the Line of Control last week.
Pakistan and India agreed to a 2003 ceasefire along the Line of Control and have since held slow-moving peace talks.
President Musharraf has pledged that his government will provide no support for infiltration across the Line of Control, and that he will not permit Pakistan to be used as a base for terrorist attacks in any other country.
The demand from New Delhi has been tough but simple: Pakistan must find a way to stop militants from crossing the Line of Control.
According to Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR), unprovoked firing by Indian troops on the Line of Control (LOC) has continued.