Line of dip

(Geol.) a line in the plane of a stratum, or part of a stratum, perpendicular to its intersection with a horizontal plane; the line of greatest inclination of a stratum to the horizon.

See also: Line

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Bohning offers a complete line of dip tubes, cresting kits, paints, and other arrow making supplies.
CTS Electrocomponents produces a full line of DIP switch products including SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 4PST, Through-Hole, Surface Mount, Half Pitch, Top Actuated and Side Actuated styles for communications and computer applications worldwide.
Cindy Harry, Director of Sales and Marketing of Kent Elastomer Products, stated, "Our standard Natural Rubber Latex formula is suitable for most of our customers, but for customers whose application requires a low protein formula, Vytex NRL will be a valuable addition to our line of Dip Molded products.
The company began supplying a small line of dip molded products to a handful of customers.
June 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sabra Dipping Company, maker of America's favorite hummus, introduced Pizza Hummus Singles to its line of dips and spreads, which includes more than 12 hummus flavors.
LA TERRA FINA IS COMBINING FLAVOR with a better-for-you profile in its latest line of dips.
And a line of dips and plantains he developed for sale in supermarkets a few years ago has never really taken off.
Our expanding line of dips provide an easy way to discover and enjoy new flavors from around the world," said Ken Kunze, CMO for Sabra Dipping Company.
Santa Barbara Bay wanted to create a line of dips, made with the freshest, all-natural ingredients for today's health-conscious consumer," says Emily Alfano, marketing manager.
Some of Berner Food and Beverage's new products include a complete line of dips, lattes, ethnic and coffee-based energy drinks, among others.
Santa Barbara Bay wanted to create a line of dips, made with the freshest, all natural ingredients for today's health-conscious consumer," said Emily Alfano, marketing manager for Santa Barbara Bay.
based Winona Foods has launched a line of dips and sauces under the Painted Cow brand name.