Lion's ear

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Li´on's ear`

    (lī´ŭnz ēr`)
n.1.(Bot.) A name given in Western South America to certain plants with shaggy tomentose leaves, as species of Culcitium, and Espeletia.
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Included in this list are the orange-flowered lion's ear (Leonotis Leonurus), the yellow-flowered flannel bush (Fremontodendron) and Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa), rockrose (Cistus), angel's trumpet (Brugmansia) and Iochroma cyaneum, this last shrub famous for its tubular purple flowers.
Plants currently blooming at the Botanical Gardens include the South African Lion's Ear plant - named after its distinctive orange furry flower - and the hardy fuschia, which is known for its pink bellshaped flowers.
Evidently, in an after-dinner speech, it is neither possible nor desirable to make a detailed scholarly presentation (some of you may recall the variation of the Androcles and the lion story: "After dinner, there will be speeches", Androcles is supposed to have whispered to the lion's ear -- and the lion didn't eat him