Lion's tail

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Li´on's tail`

    (lī´ŭnz tāl`)
n.1.(Bot.) A genus of labiate plants (Leonurus); - so called from a fancied resemblance of its flower spikes to the tuft of a lion's tail. Leonurus Cardiaca is the common motherwort.
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Other tough charmers for where you live (in Sunset climate zone 20) include lion's tail, penstemon, rockrose (Cistus), Santa Barbara daisy, and Santolina; thirsty lawn can be replaced with a carpet of Dymondia margaretae or buffalo grass.
That's how Alex Salmond got into office and came to dominate the Scottish agenda, perfecting the art of twisting the Lion's Tail.
Riding along on the Lion's tail, close to the eastern border is an especially rare type of galaxy, NGC 3758, only one degree west of 92 Leonis.
It was the BBC's 1994 wildlife special Meerkats United that first elevated these charismatic little creatures - which are no bigger than the tassle on a lion's tail - to A-list status.
As Churchill said: "Democracy is the worst form of government but it's the only one that works" We are an historical nation that has long been known for justice and fair play and long may it continue, but don't tweak the great British Lion's tail.
The shrub we planted to attract birds is called Lion's Tail (Leonotis leonurus) which, in isiZulu, goes by the appropriate name of utshwala bezinyoni, which translated means 'the beer of the birds'.
Mascots Polly and Wilfred were both shown the red card for an off-field scrap which saw a parrot's head and a lion's tail stolen, and Northumbria replacement Ralph Appleby soon joined them after being sin-binned under his own posts.
When he died he was laid to rest in a gold-plated coffin along with his trademark Homburg hat and lion's tail fly-whisk near parliament in Lilongwe, where construction of the mausoleum began in 2004.
During their exclusive backstage experience with stage manager Claire Semple, six-year-old Alan, who has cystic fibrosis, wore the Tin Man's hat and pulled the Cowardly Lion's tail while kidney transplant patient Erin, 8, tried on Dorothy's famous red shoes and met Toto.
Except that this horse comes with a lion's tail (choir) and four tamers (vocal soloists).
Although the lucky bounce was no more than the home side deserved, the goal was a tweak of the lion's tail too far for England, who sharpened up noticeably and were back on terms within five minutes.
A beer called Black Grouse is next on Tom's formulation list, followed by Lion's Tail, Golden Plover IPA, Tar Bar'l Stout and Allendale Rose ( named after a traditional song ( which suggests his mind has been elsewhere whilst cementing breeze block to breeze block.