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a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, fat. The word was formerly used specifically to designate a supposed acid obtained by the oxidation of oleic acid, tallow, wax, etc.
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It was the DNA of Bob Lipic and his fellow travellers that made it happen.
Karel Lipic, a former representative of several trade unions, was able to attract considerable membership and subsequently led the organisation's re-orientation toward a non-governmental environmental umbrella organisation which later served as the basis for the Party of Ecological Movements of Slovenia.
LA or alpha lipic acid (ALA) has been used safely during pregnancy for neuropathic pain (i.
Effects of lipic acid on plasma metabolites and metabolic response to intravenous injection of isoproterenol in broilers.
The machine they designed was with the understanding that it would have the capability to drill a pilot hole 1,000 m deep and ream a hole 10 m in diameter, which is quite an accomplishment," said Bob Lipic, president and CEO of MTI.
1999) (rejecting use of Uniform Premarital Agreement Act to judge validity of postnuptial agreements), with Lipic v.
The name of Berlin comes from Polabian berl or birl 'bog' and quite many other names of places in Germany and Austria are of Slavic origin, like Leipzig < Lipic, Leibnitz < lipbnica, Graz < Gradec, Dobritzschen < Dobricin, Ferschnitz < * berzbnica, Edlitz < jedlica, Fladnitz < *blatbnica, Pettog <potokb, Dollnitz < dolinica (cf.
With the increasing demands and emphasis for health and safety among the various mining unions, this product is the key to the improved air quality that our customers have been seeking," said Robert Lipic, MTI president and CEO.
Any product that can help improve the air quality of miners working below the surface offers an incredible advantage from a health and safety perspective," said MTI president and CEO Robert Lipic.
Lipic spent 50 years in the mining industry, mostly recently as president and CEO of Mining Technologies International (MTI), the company he sold to Milwaukee-based Joy Global Inc.