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adj.1.(Chem.) Not soluble in lipids, or in non-polar solvents; - of chemical substances or parts of molecules; as, the lipophobic end of a detergent is solvated in water. Contrasted to lipophilic or nonpolar.
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PFCs are both lipophobic and hydrophobic; thus, after absorption they will bind to proteins in serum and liver rather than accumulate in lipids.
Going into the study, we expected the highest CF2 content materials to provide the most slip, stain resistance and fingerprint resistance due to the lipophobic nature of perfluoroalkyl materials.
As an example application, poly(tetrafluoroethene) is hydrophobic and lipophobic.
These lipophobic ("fat-fearing") statins are reluctant to dissolve into cell membranes.
They also showed in vitro that ER-negative human breast cancer cell lines were more sensitive to lipophilic statins than ER-positive cells, and that lipophobic statins--namely, pravastatin and rosuvastatin--didn't inhibit growth of the malignant cells.
These hybrid molecules provide the proper balance of hydrophilic, lipophilic, hydrophobic and lipophobic properties for optimum performance in a broad range of sophisticated applications.
Unlike traditional persistent organic pollutants, which are lipophilic and stored primarily in fat tissue, PFOS and PFOA are both lipophobic and hydrophobic.