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Noun1.lip sync - combining audio and video recording in such a way that the sound is perfectly synchronized with the action that produced it; especially synchronizing the movements of a speaker's lips with the sound of his speech
recording, transcription - the act of making a record (especially an audio record); "she watched the recording from a sound-proof booth"
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A Mahesh Bhatt ' script' that has Emraan Hashmi lipsynching to some nice songs automatically becomes a contender for hit status.
Watching the lesser known numbers being played and then looking at the audience, lipsynching is quite nice.
The staging was simple, the dancers in the shadows, with the spotlight firmly on her and she danced and thrusted her way around, sometimes singing, sometimes lipsynching, and not really disguising that she wasn't doing the main vocals on some songs.
In further actions of interactive excess, Padraig Harrington, as he left the tee, kicked American footballs into the crowd, Bubba Watson tossed dozens of caps to the clamouring throng whilst a country and western song recorded by an NBC commentator accompanied by lipsynching golfers and officials boomed out constantly.