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(ˈlɪp tən)

Sir Thomas Johnstone, 1850–1931, Scottish merchant and philanthropist.
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The karak tea recipe included 155kg of Lipton tea powder, 270kg of milk powder, 360kg of sugar, 4.
THE Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon Najeem Salam, on Friday described as untrue the report in the media that he was distributing Lipton tea, snacks and other food items to residents and natives of Ejigbo, his country home.
The increase in the price of Lipton tea is due to high tea prices globally, as well as the slight effect of the official devaluation of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar.
The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership is a joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever.
Lipton tea is therefore largely omnipresent in the supermarket, hypermarket and convenience store channels in the US.
Unilever - whose vast array of brands also includes Flora spread, Magnum ice cream and Lipton tea - said sales in emerging markets, which account for more than half of all turnover, lifted 7.
At the start of his career, Chaudhuri was part of Unilever and selling Lipton tea in India.
The Unilever Division of Almana & Partners has organised a 'Win a Chevrolet Malibu Car with Lipton' promotion in co-ordination with LuLu Group until March 5, at all LuLu outlets for customers purchasing Lipton Tea for QR20.
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has confirmed the safety of Lipton tea products in Abu Dhabi markets, following the circulation of rumours through YouTube, alleging the existence of hallucination pills in the company's products.
He has a long history in the tea industry, having spent 30 of his 32 years with Unilever directly associated with the Lipton Tea business as part of Royal Estates Tea Co.
The firm, which makes a vast array of consumer products including Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and Lipton tea, said pre-tax profit rose 9 per cent to 7.
So what if the commercial she has done for Lipton Tea is a take-off of TV talk shows?