Liquidated damages

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(Law) damages the amount of which is fixed or ascertained.
- Abbott.

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The total amount of liquidated damages accrued is approximately USD$7.
A "time is of the essence clause"--In contracts where the liquidated damages clause is invalid, the courts will allow an owner to invoke this clause to recover damages, provided the property owner can demonstrate an accurate calculation of consequential damages.
Schleier's suit was settled and he received both liquidated damages and back pay.
Owners seeking consequential damages in those situations when the contractor does complete the project, but not within the specified schedule, can and should protect their interests using a traditional liquidated damages clause.
03(b)(iii) limits the remedies which the Purchaser's have to the $500,000 in liquidated damages referred to in Section 12.
The Schleier Court concluded that, since monetary remedies under ADEA were limited to back wages and liquidated damages, recovery under ADEA was not based on tort or tort-type rights.
The payment of liquidated damages was not a penalty for competition, the firm said, but rather a recognition that DML must repurchase the departing accountant's stock at a price that is difficult to calculate.
Fitch evaluated a variety of scenarios to assess the adequacy of liquidated damages paid by the contractors.
Can a liquidated damages clause help insure timely completion of a construction project?
Non-Performance liquidated damages Dealer~s a failure penalty is obliged to to pay, if reason, to him attributable to the contract is is hereby denounced.
Chief amongst these mechanisms are liquidated damages clauses that seek to give to an event of breach of the contract at an unpredictable time with unpredictable consequences, certain quantification.