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Noun1.Franz Liszt - Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso (1811-1886)Franz Liszt - Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso (1811-1886)
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Sitting in one it is easy to recall when Budapest was the second city of the Austro-Hungary Empire, when its cafes catered to people such as Franz Listz who made famous Hungarian folk music.
Piano recital by Claude Bessmann will play Ravel and Listz at the Alliance Franoaaise Bahrain in Isa Town at 8pm.
Cuando en medio de una reunion se le pide que interprete una pieza "de Listz, Chopin, el valse Oubiliee del tempestuoso Franz" (16), ella responde que no tiene en su repertorio ninguno de los temas solicitados porque "el profesor Zapanini ha dicho de mi: 'Solo podra tocar bien a Hydn, Mozart, Schumann'.