littoral zone

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Noun1.littoral zone - the region of the shore of a lake or sea or oceanlittoral zone - the region of the shore of a lake or sea or ocean
coast, seacoast, sea-coast, seashore - the shore of a sea or ocean
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foreign policy in the Arabian Peninsula and Red Sea littoral region at Naval Support Activity Bahrain.
Hundreds of youths made their way to Nkondjock market square in Nkam Division of the littoral region of Cameroon.
In the littoral region of the country, CBDs facilitate information-sharing and access to transportation and infrastructure.
A spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance said: "The economic importance of this bridge is more than words can tell because you know that this bridge does not only link the Littoral Region with the South West, West, and North West Regions that are very productive as far as agriculture is concerned.
Joseph Beti Assomo, the governor of Cameroon's Littoral Region of which Douala is the capital, said national carriers were "freely transporting Cameroonian and other people willing to leave [CAR capital] Bangui.
Four out of five of the world's capital cities are to be found in the littoral region, and virtually all of the world's productive capacity.
The heterogeneity and abundance of the littoral region habitat hampers and restricts microinvertebrate quantitative samples, resulting in scarcity of ecological information (Wetzel and Likens, 1991).
LCS will deliver capabilities to enable our Navy to dominate in this critical littoral region.
In the late eighteenth century, Buenos Aires merchant capitalists prospered in a rapidly changing colonial economy that stressed the export of precious metals from the Andes, while placing new emphasis on a burgeoning agricultural economy in the littoral region.
Also speaking, Aboubakar Njikam, representative of the Governor of the Littoral Region of Cameroon, said that the country had enacted legislation to regulate factoring in recognition of its importance as in unlocking economic development.