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Noun1.Littorina - type genus of the family Littorinidae: periwinklesLittorina - type genus of the family Littorinidae: periwinkles
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
winkle, periwinkle - edible marine gastropod
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Littorina form small groups in the fissures or clefts of rocks, and resist the impact of the waves by secreting a mucilaginous substance that sticks them securely to the rocks.
Respiration rates for the winkle Littorina littorea demonstrated a five- to sevenfold increase between the quiescent and active states (Newell and Roy 1973), and the trochids Monodonta articulata, M.
were offered in single choice feeding assays to either Littorina littorea or L.
Rapid colonization of Belgian breakwaters by the direct developer, Littorina saxatilis (Olivi) (Prosobranchia, Mollusca).
Terrapin activity is strongly synchronized with high tide (Muehlbauer, 1987) and when salt marsh meadows are inundated, terrapins swim to forage on Littorina that cling to Spartina stems (Tucker et al.
For Neritina virginea, Fissurella rosea, Tegula viridula, Collisella subrugosa, Cerithium atratum, Olivella minuta, Pisania pusio, and Thais haemastoma the length of the radular ribbon was correlated with shell length, whereas it was not correlated for Littorina flava, L.
Shell thickness Energetic Species or strength Shell size content Ostrea tunda = [down arrow] Mercenaria [down arrow] [up arrow] [up arrow] mercenaria Mytilus edulis = = = Arctica = = = islandica Concholepas = concholepas Littorina [down arrow] = littorea Saccostrea [down arrow] glomerata Bembicium [down arrow] = auratum Mytilus [down arrow] [down arrow] [down arrow] californianus Crassostrea [down arrow] [down arrow] virginica Argopecten = = irradiaos Crassostrea [down arrow] = virginica Mercenaria = = mercenaria Littorina [down arrow] littorea Adaptive Predation Species Behavior pressure Reference Ostrea tunda [up arrow] Sanford et at (2014) Mercenaria Dickinson et al.
TBT effects on the female genital system of Littorina littorea: A possible indicator for tributyltin pollution.
Pribrezhnye otlozheniya Antsilovogo ozera i Litorinovogo morya v Estonu [The Deposits of the Ancylus Lake and Littorina Sea in Estonia].