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Noun1.Littorinidae - periwinkles
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
class Gasteropoda, class Gastropoda, Gasteropoda, Gastropoda - snails and slugs and their relatives
genus Littorina, Littorina - type genus of the family Littorinidae: periwinkles
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Littorinidae Children, 1834 es una familia de caracoles intermareales de distribucion mundial compuesta por alrededor de 200 especies vivientes (Williams et al, 2003).
Among these, the Littorinidae exhibit diverse patterns of organization of the reproductive system among its representatives; these patterns have been considered taxonomically relevant for defining the phylogeny of this family (Reid, 1989).
El porcentaje mayor de moluscos esta representado por ejemplares de las familias Patelloidea y Littorinidae.
Thus Oncorhynchus mykiss and Cauque mauleanum feed principally on chironomid larvae and pupae, Littorinidae, Trichopteridae, Acarii, and Amphipoda (Artigas et al.
Familia Especie Thaididae Roding, Purpura patula (Linne, 1758) 1798 Tahis haemastoma floridiana Schumacher, 1817 Melongenidae Gill, Melongena melongena (Linne, 1758) 1867 Neritidae Rafinesque, Nerita versicolor Gmelin, 1791 1815 Nerita tessellata Gmelin, 1791 Littorinidae Gray, Littorina sp.
Snails in the family Littorinidae are important herbivores in mid-and high-shore intertidal communities around the world (McQuaid, 1996a, b; Reid, 1996), and often exert control over macroalgal and microalgal communities (Castenholz, 1961; Hawkins and Hartnoll, 1983; Norton et al, 1990; Hidalgo et al, 2008).
A typical rocky shore setting might show the sequence Littorinidae, Acmaeidae, Mytilidae, Ostreidae, Turbo, chitons, and Trochidae as the most conspicuous forms of mollusks from the splash zone (Engeman and Hegner 1981).