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It shall consist of natural, friable, loamy soil without admixtures of subsoil or other foreign materials and shall be reasonably free from stumps,roots, hard lumps, stiff clay, stones, noxious weeds, brush, or other litter.
HOSTAS are one of my favourite plants to use in design, they originate from Northeast Asia, Japan, China and Korea and they prefer shade and good loamy soil.
The loamy soil textures of the stands in this study are expected to have a moderate capacity to withstand compaction, and compaction may even increase productivity due to increased water retention and hydraulic conductivity (Powers et al.
The lower couple of feet consist of rubble and the top three feet are filled with loamy soil and gravel.
Australia's truffle cultivation efforts concentrate especially in the Southwestern region--and it's still somewhat of a mystery why the red loamy soil there nurtures so well.
cabbage heads in the loamy soil, apple trees lined up
On a recent afternoon, pulses of liquid spilled across his fields to soak the loamy soil for planting.
globe artichokes, which can be planted out on light or loamy soil in full sun.
If you are fertilising flower borders, avoid adding fish, blood and bone to them as its scent attracts them, along with the rich, loamy soil which is a haven for worms.
The use of calcareous sapropel for fertilisation on sandy loam Haplic Luvisols has demonstrated that after 24 years of sapropel action, the acidity of sandy loamy soil reduced, while the amounts of absorbed bases, humus, total nitrogen, and mobile phosphorus increased.