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Also, Lebanon has 520 loan accounts per 1,000 adults at commercial banks, ranking it in 17th place globally, in 8th place among UMICs and in first place among nine Arab countries in loan account penetration.
Hatch alleges that Fleet shared with various telemarketers data about its mortgage customers, including contact information, customers' loan account number, and data about the nature and use of customers' mortgage loan account.
Credit enhancement for the trust consists of the reserve account, sized at 25 basis points (bps) of the sum of the current student loan pool balance and the add-on consolidation loan account balance, with a floor of $3,773,732, or 15 bps, of the sum of the original balance and the add-on consolidation loan account balance; the capitalized interest account; and excess spread.
The bond proceeds will be deposited to the loan account and be used to acquire or originate FFELP student loans, deposited to the debt service reserve account, and pay costs of issuance.