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a.1.Such as can be lent; available for lending; as, loanable funds; - used mostly in financial business and writings.
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It is lamentable that only 2 percent of our financial institutions' loanable fund goes to agriculture.
It has retained the mandatory requirement of 25 percent that banks will set aside as loanable funds for agriculture and fisheries.
Per the scheme, 5 percent of the loanable amount will be deposited to a designated bank.
Loanable amount is up to 80 percent of the total project cost with repayment term of up to 10 years.
The coming of Otunba Segun Runsewe as the new Director-General of National Council for Arts and Culture, in the second quarter of 2017, upped the game of the whole ministry, bringing new life to the way things were being done that the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed christened him a brave and fearless hunter (ogboju ode) when he signed a N300 million MoU with Bank of Industry to act as a catalyst for the development of the country's rich craft industries and also to create a financial window and make available loanable funds to be accessible to stakeholders for capacity building.
At the same time, healthy deposit growth has improved supply of loanable funds with the banking sector and market rates remained stable.
Garrison's (2001) capital-based macroeconomic model, a graphical representation of ABCT and Austrian capital theory, analyzes how economic activity is coordinated, or potentially discoordinated, through changes in an economy's capital structure Specifically, it models the economy as an interlocking grid of four distinct graphical models: the loanable funds market, a production possibilities frontier representing the tradeoff between consumption and investment, a Hayekian triangle representing the economy's capital structure, and labor markets for each stage of production within the capital structure Figure 1 (from Garrison, 2001, p.
As a result, loanable funds are abundant, and funding costs can be kept low.
The new department will include a loanable reference collection, an improved images website, newspaper archives, shipping registers and a photographic collection.
The low-level equilibrium in the domestic demand and supply of loanable funds for investment, the reluctant foreign investment and the awakening of bent-up demands for reinstatement of salary increases and benefits, in the midst of a double-digit unemployment, make up a toxic cocktail.
This effect is not to be confused with crowding out, in which increased government borrowing drives up interest rates due to increased demand for loanable funds (for empirical evidence, see Eric M.
In 'Other People's Money: The Real Business of Finance', John Kay pushes us to question how the industry has approached and performed its basic function of intermediating savings and other loanable funds to productive activities.