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a.1.Such as can be lent; available for lending; as, loanable funds; - used mostly in financial business and writings.
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The prices paid in the different markets for loanable funds comprise the yield curve.
The housing packages ranging from P698,000 to P3 million are affordable to most Overseas Filipino Workers as they can be financed by Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) of the government at an interest rate of as low as six per cent and at a maximum loanable amount C of P3 million.
It was agreed at the talks that the IMF's loanable resources would be doubled.
They claim that most new-generation microfinance programs have a predilection for microsavings for obvious reasons--mobilizing savings, acting as collateral, and providing loanable funds.
Changes in output growth expectations, for instance, lead to changes in the expectations about the demand for and the supply of loanable funds and, therefore, changes in the expected real interest rate.
The supply of loanable funds consists of bank deposits made by households at the beginning of each period, as well as cash injections made by the central bank.
During the crisis, there was a reduction in available liquidity, as institutions with loanable funds reduced the volume of funds available to the market.
The only reason why deposit rates would be associated with the membership structure in a given credit union would be if deposits were an important marginal source of loanable funds.
115) but also on a preoccupation with deposit and loanable funds conditions at larger member banks.
In the highly segmented and regulated financial markets of the day, city banks found themselves with a limited deposit base and a strong demand by corporations for loanable funds.
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