Lobby member

a lobbyist.

See also: Lobby

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Removes delay for lobby member broadcaster icon when enabling/disabling it.
He wanted, however, to be sure that--as a Lobby member with continuing access to the Members' Lobby--he would still be able to secure advance, embargoed copies of White Papers and other government documents.
He said: "The message I'm getting from Brussels is that the British Government is doing nothing to lobby member states to get this through.
This will significantly increase our ability to lobby members of Parliament and to bring about the common-sense change that we are looking for.
They will lobby members of the CCG which has proposed a consultation on removing much of the accident and emergency department at Huddersfield and for Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax to be the main hospital in the area for emergency treatment.
When a final deal between Iran and world powers was announced in mid-July, thousands of CUFI members were deployed to lobby members of Congress.
Clinton clarified to the Jewish Lobby members during the meeting held in Manhattan, New York, that the close ties between Netanyahu and the American leadership had begun during her husband's term as President, and that as such they would continue to improve.
Speaking to The Daily Star, ministerial sources said Salam would continue to lobby members of the Cabinet to modify the government's internal decision-making mechanism, as change is necessary to facilitate its work.
On April 10, 2013, IREM members will join forces with the CCIM Institute to lobby members of Congress on important industry issues.
in early 2011 to lobby members of Congress for NLC's legislative priorities.
During that time, former commissioners will not be allowed to lobby members of the Commission and their staff on matters for which they were responsible within their portfolio as a commissioner.