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One who mainly eats locally produced food, especially within a specified radius of one's home.

[Coined by Jessica Prentice (born 1968), American chef : loca- (as in local, location, etc.) + -vore (as in carnivore, omnivore, etc.)]
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Cooking Lesson with Locavore Chef Johanne Vigneault - lles de la Madeleine's most renowned regional gourmet chef and restaurateur will teach participants secrets only the locals know for preparing the islands' delectable giant and princess scallops in a comprehensive gastronomic experience that travels from epicurean marketplace to hands-on kitchen to tasty table.
In addition to locavore cuisine, the Alaska Railroad is proud to serve local brews from Alaskan Brewing Company and Denali Brewing Company.
A sampling of activities includes horseback riding on the beach, locavore dining, surfing, biking, hiking, world-class golfing, and the WCC Discovery Route, a breathtaking drive that showcases the area's rich offerings.
The locavore movement is strong in Portland, with many restaurants boasting a menu made of ingredients from less than 50 miles away.
Relay Foods is a local success story, having grown quickly to become a key player in the locavore movement while creating jobs here in Charlottesville and in the DC metro and Baltimore areas as we've expanded operations.
Eat and Drink: The locavore movement continues to gain steam in Orlando as evidenced by Winter Park newcomers Prato and gastropub Cask & Larder, which join other top spots like Luma on Park, the Rusty Spoon and Ravenous Pig in their seasonal-focused approach.
Urban hunts are also on the rise, and this has led to the locavore movement that has brought hundreds of thousands into hunting.
John Medical Center supports the locavore movement by sponsoring the Crocker Park North Union Farmers Market for the second year in a row.
Margaret Gray's Labor and the Locavore interrogates that binary, critically examining the ways in which small-scale, local family farms often rely on seasonal labour, and explains how the relationship between farm owner and farmworker plays out on small farms.
But for Sundell and the crew at The Root, it's all about pumping life (and delicious dishes) into the local scene, spreading the locavore love.
As a result, breweries are now able to capitalize on a growing locavore economy by creating "beer from here.
The state is also ranked as the nation's second most locavore state, that is, Mainers are strongly committed to buying and eating locally grown products, according to Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont-based local food advocacy group.