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n.1.(Zool.) See Loach.
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And therefore," continued Athos, "the cardinal -- the true cardinal, the other one -- determined one fine morning to arrest poor Marie Michon and send her to the Chateau de Loches.
2016 Four dies in school shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan in Canada.
According to scientific expeditions during the XIXth century (Gervais, 1848; Aucapitaine, 1856; Loche, 1858, 1867; Colomb, 1858; Tristram, 1860), aoudad was widely distributed in northern Algeria.
Manyfingers says BTPS's participation in National Anti-Bullying Day was in the works well before the shooting in the Dene Building at the La Loche Community School in Saskatchewan.
Le 25 janvier 2016, les deputes ont observe un moment de silence en hommage aux victimes de la tuerie perpetree a l'ecole communautaire de La Loche, en Saskatchewan.
On January 25, 2016, Members observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the mass shooting at La Loche Community School in Saskatchewan.
Like many people in Saskatchewan and most people in Canada, I was not aware of the problems and challenges with which the people of La Loche were living.
Police said two brothers, Dayne Fountaine, 17, and Drayden, 13, were shot dead in a home before the gunman headed to the grade 7-12 La Loche Community School.
They say a male suspect is now in custody and children have been moved to safety after the shootings at La Loche Community School and another location.
Noel Desjarlais-Thomas, a student who escaped the scene, forwarded the chilling note allegedly sent by the La Loche Community School suspect to Canadian press.
Two brothers, 17-year-old Dayne Fountaine and 13-year-old Drayden, were shot and killed in a home before the gunman headed to the grade 7-12 La Loche Community School, police said.
La Loche is a Saskatchewan community made up of an aboriginal group, called the Dene, that has had a difficult few years and has struggled with a suicide rate that is three times the national average.