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(ˌlɒk ɪnˈvɑr, ˌlɒx-)

1. the hero of a ballad included in the narrative poem Marmion (1808) by Sir Walter Scott.
2. a romantic suitor.
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This he handed to Chunk McGowan, telling him to administer it in a liquid if possible, and received the hearty thanks of the backyard Lochinvar.
we believe an expected continued transition from non-condensing, lower efficiency boilers to condensing, higher efficiency boilers, as well as continued new product introductions, will allow Lochinvar branded sales to continue the brisk 10 percent pace of growth in 2015.
Last year, Ian Wilson, non-executive director of Lochinvar Coal Ltd, a subsidiary of New Age Exploration, was involved in talks with the Scottish Government and local councils.
Vendors attending the event will be as follows: D&M Equipment, D&M Parts, Dexter Laundry, Dexter Financial, Vend-Rite, Easy Card, Rowe Changers, Hamilton, ESD, Caco/Solomatic, R&B Wire Company, Lochinvar, CLA, Integrys Energy, Imonex, LNS - (Soap), American Changer and Standard Changer.
Lochinvar will be among the exhibitors at the 2015 AHR Expo, scheduled for Jan.
A 32-year-old man was arrested after a raid in Crompton Street, Kirkdale, and a 31-year-old woman was arrested after a warrant in Lochinvar Street, Breeze Hill.
He played a lot of golf at a Houston club, Lochinvar, that didn't let women in.
Former Champion Hurdlewinning trainer John Carr was on the mark when the ex-Dermot Weld-trained Young Lochinvar landed the 7f handicap in the hands of Colm O'Donoghue.
Over the years, new foundations were made from Perthville across the Bathurst diocese and in Wanganui (New Zealand), Goulburn and Lochinvar (NSW), Westbury (Tas).
The idea began at a committee meeting when George Stegall heard Sheila Winters mention that the state's largest bodock tree was located in Pontotoc at Lochinvar, the home of Dr.
Lochinvar Windows of Edinburgh and Paisley firm Perfect Choice Kitchens are among the companies who operated the scheme with American firm Allstate Acceptance Corporation.
The existing system consists of three (3) 750,000 BTU capacity Lochinvar boilers.