Lock step

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Lock´ step`

n.1.A mode of marching by a body of men going one after another as closely as possible, in which the leg of each moves at the same time with the corresponding leg of the person before him.
2.The slavish copying of one person's actions by another; as, party members who vote in lockstep with the leadership.
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Deliveries include fixed and movable bollards, street furnishings, decorations, lock step / vehicle barriers, etc.
A lock step would rule out cutting the top tax, without also cutting the basic rate.
Liberals don't all walk in unison, walk in lock step, embrace each
In fact, in the matter of global warming, muzzling and ridiculing are generally reserved I to the skeptical analysts who won't fall into lock step.
If Cohen were to investigate Obama's voting record while in the Senate but two years, he would find Barack in lock step with the aforementioned Democratic presidential hopefuls.
Her efforts were instrumental in the gradual elimination of the lock step, the ball and chain, prison stripes, and the indiscriminate use of solitary confinement.
If everyone marches in lock step, the schedule is achievable.
Straight outta the garage but loud as an alcohol fueled funny car, this shit is foot stompin' and barn burnin,' one foot in the '60s and the other in lock step with a timeless rock and roll lineage.
While these accusations are not without some substance, recent critics such as Winston James and Mark Solomon provide a more balanced viewpoint, arguing that American communists did not just follow in lock step with Soviet Russia nor were blacks mere pawns of the party.
To make a real start on bringing world current account imbalances into line, Europe, Japan, and many other surplus countries must not march up the rate ladder in lock step with the United States.
Nomura moved essentially in lock step with the Nikkei 225 until 1999, and then exploded until the peak in 2000.