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n.1.A contrivance to fasten logs together in rafting; - used by lumbermen.
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According to media reports, the lock-down has been lifted.
Sit-in trend setter had set new records of telling lie and it was clear that he had conspired against development of the country through sit-ins and lock-down ,however, sensible people had failed it by remaining indifferent to it which had lock downed their own politics, he added.
Those play lock-down politics should understand that their own politics will be locked down if they keep playing such kind of politics," he added.
I thought it was important for staff to move beyond a lock-down situation.
Mr Lovatt wrote: "Upon realising there were intruders on site, the school went into immediate lock-down with no child or adult entering or leaving the classrooms.
And with Richard Carr also leaving the board of Arsenal Holdings, but remaining on the Football Club board, the lock-down agreement which stopped her from selling her stake becomes ineffective.
LOCK-DOWN is water-based, tow VOC and ultra-low odor.
The juvenile was subjected to 24-hour lock-down, deprived of exercise, dressed in a suicide gown that did not close in the back, denied access to a shower and personal hygiene products, and denied visitors.
The Door Deputy is a two part door system upgrade, consisting of the Held-Open Anti-Sag System and the Lock-Down Security System.
SAUGUS - As two armed burglary suspects detoured into Rosedell Elementary on Monday while fleeing from authorities, school officials cleared the grounds of lunching children and completed a campuswide lock-down within 30 seconds.
Security Blanket is a system lock-down and security management tool that enables systems administrators to automatically configure and enhance the security level for Operating Systems (OS) including Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5, Solaris version 10, CentOS versions 4 and 5, Fedora version 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5.
The Door Deputy is a two part door system upgrade, consisting of the Hold-Open Anti-Sag System and the Lock-Down Security System.