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A city of central California in the northern San Joaquin Valley north of Stockton. It grew as an agricultural center known for its vineyards.


(Italian ˈlɔːdi)
(Placename) a town in N Italy, in Lombardy: scene of Napoleon's defeat of the Austrians in 1796. Pop: 40 805 (2001)


(ˈloʊ di for 1; ˈloʊ daɪ for 2 )

1. a town in N Italy, SE of Milan: Napoleon's defeat of the Austrians 1796. 42,873.
2. a city in central California, near Sacramento. 51,874.
References in classic literature ?
So it had been at Lodi, Marengo, Arcola, Jena, Austerlitz, Wagram, and so on.
We rap their knuckles at Montenotte; we hurry on to thrash them at Rivoli, Lodi, Arcola, and Millesimo, and we never let them go.
Mazda of Lodi is encouraging drivers to participate in these efforts, starting by scheduling a test drive through the dealership website at www.
Lodi Olive Oil Company has a line of award winning olive oils made with varietals sourced from the Lodi/Stockton area and was founded by Leonard Cicerello, Robert Pirie, and Henry Sanguinetti in 2004.
Police said the boys apparently were riding on Lodi Street and went through the stop sign into the middle of Lafayette Street, where they were struck about 8:45 p.
The project will be subsidized in part through Lodi Electric Utility's $586,200 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds for energy efficiency programs granted to the municipal-owned utility.
David Diskin formed Lodi United, a group of believers and non-believers who joined forces to stand up for pluralism and real religious freedom.
note: In response to our story "Blank Page," Richard Harmer, editor of the Lodi News-Sentinel, said the paper now runs same-sex wedding announcements.
Lodi police, she said, had tried to stop Usrey for speeding there, but drew back for safety reasons after he was clocked driving up to 120 mph on surface streets.
Everyone is just kind of hiding their heads under the sand, hoping the storm will pass," says Taj Khan, an outspoken Pakistani Muslim leader in Lodi.
The Lodi News-Sentinel said the station will also fuel city transportation vehicles that run on CNG and serve as an auxiliary station if the local Municipal Services Center station is closed for repairs.
The ShopRite has been hailed as the lynchpin of future downtown revitalization projects along Main Street in Lodi that will provide new economic opportunities, greater consumer choice, environmental enhancements and Main Street road improvements for the community.