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A city of northern Utah north of Salt Lake City on the Bear River. Settled by Mormons in the 1850s, it is the seat of Utah State University (founded 1888).


(ˈləʊɡən) or


other names for rocking stone
[C18: from logging-stone, from dialect log to rock]


(Physical Geography) Canadian another name for bogan1


(Placename) Mount Logan a mountain in NW Canada, in SW Yukon in the St Elias Range: the highest peak in Canada and the second highest in North America. Height (after a re-survey in 1993): 5959 m (19 550 ft)


(ˈloʊ gən)

Mount, a mountain in NW Canada, in the St. Elias Mountains: second highest peak in North America. 19,850 ft. (6050 m).
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Noun1.Logan - a mountain peak in the St. Elias Range in the southwestern Yukon Territory in Canada (19,850 feet high)Logan - a mountain peak in the St. Elias Range in the southwestern Yukon Territory in Canada (19,850 feet high)
Yukon Territory, Yukon - a territory in northwestern Canada; site of the Klondike gold rush in the 1890s
St. Elias Mountains, St. Elias Range - a range of mountains between Alaska and the Yukon territory
References in classic literature ?
Logan both he and the kitten had found a congenial soul.
Bert repeated as they stood behind Logan while he pumped up a deflated tyre.
Logan and his party been with us, it is highly probable we should have given the savages a total defeat.
And as when Spring and Summer had departed, that wild Logan of the woods, burying himself in the hollow of a tree, lived out the winter there, sucking his own paws; so, in his inclement, howling old age, Ahab's soul, shut up in the caved trunk of his body, there fed upon the sullen paws of its gloom!
Warren Logan, who now for seventeen years has been the treasurer of the Institute, and the acting principal during my absence.
Ron and both sets of grandparents know that Ron is not Logans biological father.
Almost two years ago to the day, we held our groundbreaking for the new DC4 Recycle Facility, and now we are here today for the ceremonial ribbon cutting of DC4, and for the groundbreaking of Logans new Cold Mill - CM4, Logan Aluminum Plant Manger Ken Perdue said.
No right-thinking person will miss the James Logans of this world.
In a 1934 letter to his uncle Alex Logan, (19) Douglas Waugh indicated his interest in connecting Robert Logan (Jr) with the Logans of Restalrig.
Now, the Logans help small and medium-sized businesses develop a complete business strategy using the Internet.
Federal Member for Forde Bert van Manen said positive investment in Logans youth was among his highest priorities.
Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs, Zed Seselja, today joined Logans Mayor, Luke Smith; the Queensland Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, and Minister for Child Safety, Shannon Fentiman; and Federal Member for Forde, Bert van Manen at the Logan GET Together event to announce the additional investment.