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Noun1.Loligo - somewhat flattened cylindrical squidloligo - somewhat flattened cylindrical squid
squid - widely distributed fast-moving ten-armed cephalopod mollusk having a long tapered body with triangular tail fins
genus Loligo - squids
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Pierce and Boyle (2003) demonstrated that adding the previous year's landing per unit of effort did not significantly improve a regression model for another species of squid, Loligo forbesii.
Total mercury content of Indian Squid Loligo duvauceli orbigny from Tuticorin waters, south east coast of India.
The excluded areas within the Northern Area Licences will be delineated both geographically and stratigraphically and comprise the Loligo complex and the Nimrod-Garrodia complex.
Prey species OF %OF N %N W %W IRI %IRI Mollusca Cephalopoda Teuthoidae Loligo spp.
The disappearance of this species from the bay prior to and after the 1997-98 El Nino event may have been related to offshore movements of California market squid, Loligo opalescens, one of their common prey (Zeidberg et al.
A bit of flash usually makes someone stand out, but Loligo squid disguise themselves with shine.
These include the Loligo field, which is likely to be the target of an exploratory drilling campaign planned by BHP Billiton, once it has secured a rig and the necessary permits from the Falklands Islands government.
com), at Hall P, Booth 4711, will be on hand with tilapia, catfish (clarias fuscus), blue shark, red tilapia, pangush, (pangasius sutchi), Alaska pollock, milk fish, barramundi (lates calcarifer), king fish (wahoo, acanthocybium solandri), mahi mahi (carcharhinus melanopterus), illex squid, arrow squid, loligo squid, baby octopus and cuttlefish, plus red, white and black tiger shrimp.
To obtain their made-from-scratch appearance Tampa Maid begins with Loligo variety calamari for a clean, fresh taste and tender bite.
Krapu Squid Loligo sp 10,278 Other fish Grouper Epinephelus sp 2,058 Shrimp 34.
The importance of Loligo opalescens in the food web of marine vertebrates in Monterey Bay, California.