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The capital and largest city of Togo, in the southern part of the country on the Bight of Benin. It is Togo's administrative, communications, and transportation center.


n, vb
a variant spelling of loam


(French lɔme)
(Placename) the capital and chief port of Togo, on the Bight of Benin. Pop: 865 000 (2005 est)



the capital of Togo, on the Gulf of Guinea. 366,476.
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Noun1.Lome - capital and largest city of TogoLome - capital and largest city of Togo; located in the south on the Gulf of Guinea
Togo, Togolese Republic - a republic on the western coast of Africa on the Gulf of Guinea; formerly under French control
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Senegalese Trade Minister Alioune Sarr said that the current Lome trade fair event is a milestone toward sub-regional integration and shows what remains to be done in the sub-region to strengthen trade relations and fast track the integration of African countries.
The PURISE revolves around two components: the first, which is to rehabilitate infrastructure such as pipelines, canals and gutters, aims to reduce the number of people affected by the periodic flooding in the slums - the poorest - Lome the capital.
Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated Togo's president and Embassy Lome.
The Islamic Cultural Centre in Lome, which managed the distribution, said beneficiaries of the programme expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Khalifa Foundation, the UAE and its charities for their humanitarian efforts in Togo.
Large road and infrastructure works have been carried out in Lome, and several international companies, including pan-African ASKY airlines, nave set up shop in the country.
Westoe's Lome Fa'atau in action for Samoa during the 2009 Rugby World Cup against South Africa.
We will continue to do our work, and we will walk the streets of Lome every Saturday to protest the results and bring change to the country," said Eric Dupuy, spokesperson of Togo's largest opposition party, National Alliance for Change.
The brainchild of the renowned pan-Africanist entrepreneur Koffi Djondo, Asky, with its strategic partner Ethiopian Airlines, will add a number of new routes this year from Lome to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Beirut.
It will be an important encounter for Libya and coach Abdul-Hafeedh Arbeesh, who observers believe he passed his first important test in Lome.
We, at Africa West, believe that Lome will soon become a world-class staging and hubbing point, as well as the gateway to West Africa.
Lome serves as a transit point for drugs on their way to Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Niger on overland routes and ultimately to Europe.
The streets of the capital Lome were calm over the weekend and life was returning to normal, residents said.