London broil

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London broil

Broiled flank steak cut into thin slices.

[After LondonEngland.]

Lon′don broil′

a flank steak or similar cut of beef, usu. broiled and served in thin, crosscut slices.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Granatir likes to save some London broil from supper and use it to seriously test pup's ability to absorb the lesson and show a willingness to obey under duress.
We are having a night to remember, with a banquet including London broil, chicken piccata, and sundried tomato mushroom ravioli, complete with side dishes, beverages and an assortment of desserts.
Butcher Craft London Broil Seasoned All Natural Beef Jerky & Buffalo Style All Natural Turkey Jerky : These all natural snacks are expertly seasoned to deliver exceptional quality and flavor.
Tuesday specials are shrimp Creole, pork marsala, Cherries Jubilee, marinated London broil and Taste of Caribbean.
120 original recipes pack a discussion of traditional Southern fare and modern innovations, pairing such recipes as a Savory Fig Tart or Slow-Cooked Ribs with Chili-Lime Butter with Coca-Cola Braised Pot Roast or Grilled London Broil with Ginger and White Soy.
Tell your future father-in-law how to barbecue a London broil so he can slice it without a table saw?
Five-Layer Beef Taco Pie, Mama's Hamburger "Hobo Sacks," Honey Mustard Baked Chicken, Balsamic-Glazed London Broil, Pimiento Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Rice Salad With Guacamole and Quick Brownie-Raspberry Trifle are just a few of the tempting sounding creations.
For example, if the client would like to serve prime rib but has expressed a desire to save money, Kilpatrick said he might suggest a top sirloin roast sliced into London broil, which gives the desired effect for less money.
That includes Wagyu-Kobe London broil, rack of wild boar, yak rib eye steaks, Coeur de Boeuf heirloom tomatoes, purple baby artichokes, Fair Trade African roses, Kobe pastrami, corned beef and roast beef, plus Bindi cakes flown in from Italy.
On the menu is a choice of London Broil, fresh northwest salmon, or a vegetarian pasta, all cooked by the hotel's award winning chef.
Among the delicious, unique recipes are Wheat-Free Wild Rice Pancakes, Perfect Chestnut Soup, Spicy Hijiki Salad, raw Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho, Zesty Orzo Salad, Cashew Cream Lasagne, Tempeh London Broil, Holiday Cashew Nut Roast, Vegan Cookie Dough, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, and Carrot Bundt Cake.
but if I can whup up some festiveChristmassy-cheer and fat-man-in-a-fur-suit gift-giving enthusiasm while sweatin' out juices like a six-pound London Broil in a crock-pot cooker, then why can't somebody else?
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