Long clothes

clothes worn by a young infant, extending below the feet.

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He tried to turn a deaf ear to these discussions of the best patterns of long clothes for the coming baby; tried to turn away and avoid seeing the mysterious, endless strips of knitting, the triangles of linen, and so on, to which Dolly attached special importance.
Lor', sir, they always have long clothes, bless their little hearts.
For the Kensington Gardens, you must know, are full of short cuts, familiar to all who play there; and the shortest leads from the baby in long clothes to the little boy of three riding on the fence.
When I came into the world--I don't know how you feel, miss; I protest against being brought into the world without asking my leave first--my mother was determined to dedicate me to piety, before I was out of my long clothes.
The eldest of the comers, a girl who wore a triangular shawl, its corners draggling on the stubble, carried in her arms what at first sight seemed to be a doll, but proved to be an infant in long clothes.
Wear loose, white and long clothes, which cover the whole body.
Under Iran's legal code, women are required to wear a headscarf and long clothes that cover their arms and legs.
The doctor further suggested to wear loose, white and long clothes, which cover the whole body as mosquitoes find it difficult to bite through loose clothes than tight fitting clothes.
or be in the shade; cover one's head with a hat or umbrella; wear sunglasses and long clothes that protect against the sun; and drink plenty of fluids.
A representative, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that this ban is not pertaining to religious reasons, but rather is imposed on long clothes in general.
Another cheaper solution is to have underwear and lingerie hidden under towels or long clothes.
Stewart complained she can't leave the house without wearing long clothes or spraying herself with repellent spray.