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 (lông′fĕl′ō, lŏng′-), Henry Wadsworth 1807-1882.
American poet. His works, extremely popular in the United States in his lifetime, include The Song of Hiawatha (1855) and a translation (1865-1867) of Dante's Divine Comedy.


(Biography) Henry Wadsworth. 1807–82, US poet, noted particularly for his long narrative poems Evangeline (1847) and The Song of Hiawatha (1855)


(ˈlɔŋˌfɛl oʊ, ˈlɒŋ-)

Henry Wadsworth (ˈwɒdz wərθ) 1807–82, U.S. poet.
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Noun1.Longfellow - United States poet remembered for his long narrative poems (1807-1882)Longfellow - United States poet remembered for his long narrative poems (1807-1882)
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101 Long fellow Road, Stoke, one and two-storey rear extension.
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He was referred to as The Long Fellow because of his height and lean frame.
The others are Mr Iddon's wife Lynda, 56; stepson Lee Shergold, 32, of Woodlands Meadow, Chorley; Christopher Pye, 33, of Long fellow Close, Kirkby; and John Climo, 33, of High Street, Prescot.
Betting to see how long fellow birder Jellyhead could stay aboard his newly-acquired unicycle (don't ask) before losing his front teeth, helped pass the time at first, but we needed something more.
The Ballydoyle genius was the consummate professional and the master of his art - as was the Long Fellow.