Long sea

a sea characterized by the uniform and steady motion of long and extensive waves.

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Nothing is so easy as falling in love on a long sea voyage, except falling out of love.
Had there been a steady breeze it would not have been so bad, but the Ghost was rolling emptily in a long sea, and with each roll the canvas flapped and boomed and the halyards slacked and jerked taut.
And what, Telemachus, has led you to take this long sea voyage to Lacedaemon?
I drew no great comfort from their company, to say the least of it; while the prospect of making a long sea passage with those two fellows was depress ing.
Jenneman arrived in Du Quoin following a long sea voyage, which included a trip to China.
Khartoum, 1-3- 2018 ( SUNA) - THE Minister of Transportation and Roads Engineer, Makawi Mohamed Al-Awad, has affirmed the Importance of development in all units of transportation, roads and bridges, top of which, shipping line sector, Shipbuilding and ports, indicating that Sudanenjoys long sea borders .
They labored for two and a half months, producing the 16-meter long sea vessel and equipping it with various tools, used in pre-oil times by ancestors who had traveled to remote countries for trade and dived at sea for collecting pearls, braving various life-threatening dangers.
Older favourites, including the ridiculously long Sea Within a Sea and In and Out of Sight, were delivered with the same over-the-top swagger as they were back in 2012.
Her lectures on the Magellan expedition and the galleon trade made up for the lack of detail in textbook history, painting the romance and adventure of the long sea voyages that connected the Philippines with Mexico from the 16th century until the islands connected direct to Spain in the 19th.
A six-meter long model of the final design of the autonomous and zero emission container vessel "Yara Birkeland" was launched in SINTEF Ocean's 80 meter long sea laboratory in Trondheim, Norway this week.
AP has very long sea coast, which can be used as industrial corridor.
Dubai: Dubai Police joined residents and visitors in celebrating Eid Al Adha by organising a three-hour long sea parade and distributing Eid sweets.