n.1.(Cricket) One who is set to stop balls which pass the wicket keeper.
References in classic literature ?
sings out Jack Raggles, the long-stop, toughest and burliest of boys, commonly called "Swiper Jack," and forthwith stands on his head, and brandishes his legs in the air in triumph, till the next boy catches hold of his heels, and throws him over on to his back.
Both parties are working towards achieving the regulatory approvals before the long-stop date.
Fish has, for over two decades, played as a majestic long-stop who can produce an array of shots with the bat.
EFG Hermes and QInvest have announced the long-stop date for the satisfaction of the conditions precedent for their joint venture agreement to proceed had been reached without receiving the necessary regulatory approvals from the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA).
It is worthwhile noting that this date is a long-stop date and the legislation could be enforced sooner.
Although the long-stop date has been extended to 31 January, management of the Company expects the prospectus to be approved by the AFM and the Acquisition to be completed by mid-December.
He's typical of the trend for 'keepers who bat, yet his glove work suggests the long-stop position has a place in first-class cricket.
In one match out there, when Angus Fraser was bowling, I needed a long-stop because there was simply no way of knowing how the ball was going to behave.
Next to be capped was Mark Ring, who was not only a genius in 32 rugby internationals from 1983-1991, but he was a strong hitter and ballet-like long-stop with Old Illtydians and Grange Albion, and gained four baseball caps from 1984-1991.
In the teens there was birching; at long-stop, at least for males, there was National Service where recalcitrant young men were subject to strict discipline.
But when Vaughan top-edged the second ball of the innings over wicket-keeper Kumar Sangakkara's head to the long-stop boundary the Gods where with Hussain.