fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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Agribusinesses invest in long-term assets by building capacity to create products to sell for many accounting periods in the future.
This transaction marks the value of the high-margin, long-term assets in our Malaysian business.
We have noticed a lot of recent discussions about the exposure credit unions have had to long-term assets and wanted to point out that it may not be as bad as some folks think.
Commenting on a statement of former Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev that the long-term assets of the Bulgarian Energy Holding were a building and several cars, Stoynev emphasized that BEH had assets of BGN 10.
These requirements include the types of long-term assets and firms that the ELTIFs are allowed to invest in, for example infrastructure, transport and sustainable energy projects, how they have to spread their money to reduce risks and the information they have to give to investors.
LTAA: Long-term asset accruals, measured as change in long-term assets (data6-data4) deflated by average total assets (data6).
bed Al-Zeera, CEO and Board Member said, "Under the auspices mentioned by our Chairman, despite the market slowdown we acquired three new long-term assets costing a total of $22.
Ryan used the occasion to encourage the insurance industry, as proven managers of trillions of dollars in long-term assets, to bring leadership and clarity to a retirement environment which has largely become the responsibility, of the individual investor.
These are long-term assets for us, not short-term cash grabs," Jaehrling says.
We anticipate companies will continue to seek long-term financing to match their long-term assets as their real estate remains at a cyclical peak while interest rates are expected to rise.
Clients frequently use working capital to finance long-term assets, which creates a balance sheet mismatch and puts undue pressure on cash availability.
Next year's sites will continue to offer free tax preparation and financial counseling so we can educate families on how to build long-term assets with their refunds," the mayor said.