a.1.Having a long tongue.
2.Talkative; babbling; loquacious.
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The "tongues" of South Africa's long-tongued flies are certainly long, but they're not flexible.
Also, readers have the opportunity to create a name beginning with the letter "x" for a long-tongued, winged animal yet to be discovered.
The Mexican long-tongued bat (Choeronycteris mexicana), family Phyllostomidae, occurs in the southwestern United States, and throughout most of Mexico, to El Salvador and Honduras (Arroyo-Cabrales et al.
Blue-crowned Motmot (Momotus momota) predation on a long-tongued bat (Glossophaginae).
The long-tongued bumble-bees have been discovered among the wildflowers on Lord Willoughby de Broke's Ditchford Farm in Shipston-on-Stour.
Ecologists have discovered two species of long-tongued bumble bees at Ditchford Farm, near Shipston.
Take, for instance, Anni and J-P barking at each other in their divorce counseling session in Consolation Service, 1999, or, later, at J-P's birthday party, male and female guests retelling those hoary old jokes about the toothless female dwarf and the long-tongued drunk.
The Mexican long-tongued bat, Choeronycteris mexicana, (Family Phyllostomidae) is primarily found southward from northern Mexico to El Salvador and Honduras (Hall 1981).
Plants like Michaelmas daisies, heathers, sedum and lavender are suitable for attracting both short and long-tongued bees, while an existing lilac, together with purple loostrife, thistles and scabious, are good for butterflies.
Like hummingbirds, South American long-tongued bats (Glossophaga soricina) hover at flowers and feed on sugar-rich nectar.