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n.1.An animal, particularly a log, having an uncut tail. Cf. Curtail. Dog.
Cut and longtail
all, gentlefolks and others, as they might come.
- Shak.
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Both models are completely sold out, including a maximum 500 Longtails and 50 Le Mans coupes.
Paul, who plays in an Australian band called The Longtails, said: "I'm really looking forward to it.
Both longtails and surface-drive motors are part of the lineup, comprised of 11 models ranging from 6.
Racing in Hungary rarely attracts any outside interest, but the central European country has a long association with the longtails, which was outlined in a 1912 Coursing Calendar article contributed by Bela de Bagny, keeper of the Hungarian Greyhound Stud book, a work established in 1902.
In my peripheral vision I saw four or five longtails with people flying out of them swallowed by white water.
Kirklees Associated Arts Group's Summer Exhibition, at the Huddersfield Sports Centre corridor gallery, includes some interesting and competent landscape work, like David Whiting's watercolour, Longtails And Mangroves, which distils the beauty and tranquillity of a boating scene in the tropics.
Whether riding or walking, you'll pass historic forts, coraltinted beaches, and bird sanctuaries, where you might see nesting longtails (they also adorn the local 25-cent piece).
During the Kayak Safari, participants paddle along lagoons and beach areas of the inner coral reef, spotting egrets, blue herons and Bermuda longtails as well as other interesting species of birds and fish.
Our goal was to shoot mature drakes--the longtails.
An essential tool for all those with a professional interest in the longtails, it offers far more than the registration of litters, namings, owners and breeders, which naturally takes up the bulk of its 450 pages.
Longtails are well known for low maintenance, strength and durability.
NOW in its 123rd year, the Greyhound Stud Book was published recently and contains all the usual features which make it indispensable to all who follow sport with the longtails, whether track, coursing or both.